Episode 80. The Foundations of Success

Oct 30, 2017 | 0 comments

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Show Notes

Coach Scott Abel discusses the mindset foundations of long-term success, based on some of the principles found in his book, The Mindset of Achievement, which is available for free at:




What you must embrace:


  • Three key ideas: keep high standards, be disciplined, and have high expectations.
  • You can’t have the “wants” without the do’s! Or, put another way: “No perks without the works”.
  • Pressure is perception, but it is also something you can and should invite. Pressure is a sign of growth and challenge.
  • You can’t let other people dictate the direction of your process.
  • High expectations come with baggage – if you expect a lot for yourself, then you must expect a lot from yourself.
  • Structure and regimentation are grounding forces. These things are generally mandatory, not optional.
  • You can abide in these principles without struggling “against” them. Life happens and you deal with it, and this brings peace of mind.
  • Have a passion for yourself, not just this or that product.
  • Being truly passionate means not relying on motivation.
  • Remember that respect is earned… but yes, this also includes many aspects of self-respect.




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