Episode 6. From Bodybuilder to NHL VP of Player Personnel and Director of Amateur Scouting

May 30, 2016 | Episodes | 0 comments

Show NotesTrevor Timmins Interview

Scott and Mike interviewed Trevor Timmins.

Trevor is Vice President of Player Personnel and Director of Amateur Scouting for the National Hockey League’s Montreal Canadiens. 

What this means is Trevor is the guy running the NHL entry draft for the team, so he spends each year working with an entire team, scouting around both North America and Europe preparing for that draft. Trevor in particular was responsible for drafting NHL superstars like Carey Price, PK Subban, and others.

What most people don’t know about Trevor is that he is a former bodybuilder, and he actually hired Scott as his coach for his first few bodybuilding shows! Trevor now stays lean and ripped year round, despite an insane schedule and a high-pressure job (we covered this more in episode 7, or part 2).

In part 1, we talked a lot about how Trevor progressed through his career, starting at the very bottom with the new Ottawa Senators hockey team in the early 90s, and rising from there. Scott stressed that he knew — just knew — early on that Trevor was going to go far. Trevor has risen through the ranks, and kept his job across 6 (!) different general managers in Ottawa, and that’s especially impressive given how high-pressure the job is. If you’re not producing, you’re gone!

Since Trevor himself has to think about the mindset of elite level athletes, we turned to talking about what Trevor looks for as a veteran scout in young players who are going to be thrust into the spotlight at age 19 or 20 playing elite high-level hockey.

There was a lot about mindset in this episode, and what makes a champion, and what scouts are looking for beyond just skill level.

This episode is a must for everyone interested in high-level success, whether you’re an NHL fan, a bodybuilder, or just looking to improve your physique or your career.

Links / Resources mentioned

The video link Scott mentioned towards the end.

Vern Gambetta’s book, Athletic Development.

Trevor’s Profile Page on the Montreal Canadiens’ website.

Trevor’s client page on Scott’s site.