Episode 59. Lessons from Muscle Camp

Jun 5, 2017 | 0 comments

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Scott reminisces about some lessons learns from his time at Muscle Camp in 1989.

Assorted Lessons

  • One of the first lessons is that if you have a goal, sometimes the path won’t be what you expect. For example, Scott wanted to “make it” to the mecca of bodybuilding, but in the end, it wasn’t his physique that got him there, but rather his academic background, which he never would have expected.
  • One of the big things Scott notice was how big an impact environment makes. Being surrounded by thought leaders allowed him to see past some of the “small thinking” he felt he’d been surrounded by back home, where guys were focused only on the next show, or getting caught in the same small dreams, again and again.
  • Put yourself out there. Scott constantly put himself out there by talking to people, meeting new people, etc. Even something as simple as being on CBC at a hockey game was enough to get him half a dozen clients the very next day.
  • Real knowledge comes from experience. There were a lot of eggheads at the camp, but they weren’t accomplishing much. The guys who were in the trenches did. A good balance of the two sides was Fred Hatfield.
  • Lee Haney’s training was a huge revelation for Scott in terms of what training should be. It was hard, absolutely, but it was also like a dance, almost.
  • Guys like Lee Haney also handled themselves differently than everyone else. As in, their success in one domain was clearly indicative of how they handled themselves in everything they did.

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