Episode 71. The Client Assessment File for Online Coaches

Aug 28, 2017 | 0 comments

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Show Notes

Scott and Mike discuss the coaching “Assessment file”, a tool for online coaches to use to assess and track their clients’ progress and specific needs.

The Client Assessment File

  • Give Scott a breakdown of your current training regimen and how long you have been following it.
  • Your vital stats: height, age, weight.
  • A brief breakdown of your lifestyle and lifestyle stressors.
  • A detailed 3 day diet – current history.
  • Provide information on how many days per week you can realistically workout and for how many hours per training day.
  • A breakdown of your training goals: physique transformation, get fit, feel more energetic, gain muscle, lose fat, get strong etc…
  • Pictures of yourself from front side and back.
  • List any injuries or medical conditions and medications which may affect training protocol.

This is deliberately open-ended and not a specific form that people fill out, because “how” any client answers these questions provides Scott with a lot of info. How much do they know about diet and training? How do they approach their daily diet? Are they buying into buzzwords?

An example: in the case of the 3-day diet history, compare these three:

  • The person who sends in screenshots or exports of their MyFitnessPal with an explanation of “the macros I’m trying to hit.”
  • The person who just says “Oh, uh, usually it’s a cereal in the morning, then the lunch truck at lunch, then whatever my spouse makes at dinner.”
  • The person who emails the contest prep meal plan they got from their last coach.

Scott is always open with clients about what’s “coming up.” E.g., if someone has hormonal and metabolic issues, it’s going to take some work, and “dieting down” can’t be the priority, and he won’t coach with that in mind.

Scott bases his assessment file on his experience in social work, where every patient has an ongoing file that needs to be updated on a regular basis.



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