Episode 95. Q&A – Ask Me Anything Session

Feb 26, 2018 | 0 comments

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Show Notes

The Coach opens the floor and takes questions from the audience about a variety of topics on physique, fitness training, diet and metabolism.

Don’t be fooled by unimportant factors overstated by the industry! Well-funded research and common sense often debunk these industry misconceptions that create mass confusion.


Fitness, Nutrition, Diet Strategies, Zen Mentality, and More

  • Scott opens with a rant about misinformation spread online about diet.
  • Sometimes a good coach doesn’t change what the client is doing, if what they’re doing can’t be substantively improved.
  • Scott reads two letters from listeners who answered his last week’s question: “what’s the attraction for women to compete.”

On to the Q&A

  • Lower levels of consciousness are marked by need for stimulation, validation, and attention.
    Higher levels of consciousness are marked by autonomy, mastery, and purpose.
  • Credible, long-term, academic research provides overwhelming evidence that a plant-based diet is healthiest.
  • Aerobic activity does have health benefits, just not cosmetic benefits.
  • All training is cardiovascular…not all training is aerobic.
  • Functional imbalance is contextual. For instance, a right-handed tennis player will be right side dominant. Imbalances aren’t the same as side-dominance.
  • Putting a child on a diet puts them on a path to a future eating disorder.
  • Heart rate monitors have no value while working out (Excludes those under medical supervision, as in cardiac rehab).
  • Scott discusses the research on long-term results of keto dieting and its unfavorable long-term health results.
  • Unlearning is the highest form of learning (attributed to Einstein). Being objective is difficult.
  • Slow-controlled reps as with tempo training misunderstands the concept of time under tension. Tempo training attempts to externally control an internal physiologic process (i.e. muscle overload).
  • Diets have to be sustainable to work. Having to do a diet twice proves the point.
  • Keto causes loss of lean mass.
  • What are the benefits of fruit? What aren’t the benefits of fruit.
  • Losing yourself in the gym is a form of meditation. Put away the cell phone and immediate distractors.
  • Complex routines are [probably] nonsense. Einstein said things should be as simple as possible.

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