Episode 94. Important Letters to the Coach Re: Competing

Feb 19, 2018 | 0 comments

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Show Notes

The Coach shares a letter from a former female figure competitor who details her struggles with weight gain and metabolic damage after trying physique competition.

This showoff event isn’t for everyone; it requires some “genetic luck” to be able to sustain high levels of body abuse and often leads to serious metabolic problems.


The story of a former competing woman

Letter comes from a mother of three, who says she’s struggled with weight her entire life, and attended Weight Watchers religiously for 18 years. At 5’3”, started doing triathlons after her third child but couldn’t get weight to drop below 132 lbs. In addition to WW, spent two hours in gym daily. Even though she works out two hours a day and does cardio seven days a week, she continues to gain weight, even though she only eats 1400 calories a day.

A friend who competed suggested she try her trainer and competing. Personal trainers and nutritionists suggested high protein, low-carb/no-carb diets, carb cycling, and fasted cardio, tactics which led to metabolic slowdown and more serious health consequences. At one point, she was near kidney and liver failure. A doctor broke the news that her body was reacting to starvation and the solution would take a long, long time.

She never had issues losing weight until she started running then doing competitions. Scott opens the floor for discussion with his audience: What’s the attraction for women to compete in figure and bodybuilding?


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