Episode 93. More Diet and Fitness Industry Nonsense

Feb 12, 2018 | 0 comments

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Show Notes

The food industry leverages diet fads to boost sales of ordinary products. This episode discusses how buzzwords and misconceptions are used to promote ordinary foods as extraordinary, and unhealthy “favorite” foods as healthy.


“Keto” is a physiologic state, and not a type of foodstuff.


  • One of Scott’s clients sent him a photo of a bag of coffee branded as “keto”, which got him thinking.
  • “Ketosis is a state of illness.”​ – Dr. Michael Greger. Carb-deprivation can lead to ketosis. Certain foods can contribute to ketosis, but there are no “ketogenic” foods.

    coffee works at burning fat by burning fatty acids and allowing for greater exertion during physical activity due to its hormonal and adrenal effects. Coffee itself doesn’t induce ketosis.
  • “Keto” is just Atkins rebranded.
  • Using industry logic, products like eggs, cabbage and water could also be branded as “ketogenic”.

On to diet foods…

  • Diet brands frequently promote ‘the foods you love to eat’, including cookies, cake, and pasta dishes.
  • Scott cites Michael Pollan, who said that, when buying packaged foods, look for fewer than four ingredients with single syllables. Example: almonds, salt, etc.
  • Fitness industry “Diet foods” have long lists of ingredients with chemical names, many of which are fillers, binders and types of sugar. It’s inconsistent for diet foods to include ingredients that make people fat to begin with.
  • “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” –Michael Pollan
  • Scott shares a YouTube video that argues plant-based diets promote health and that no-carb/low-carb diets harm people. The video points out promoters of no-carb/low-carb diets who are overweight:
    WHY LOW CARB DIETS ARE A SCAM (7:23 onwards)

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