Episode 91. JP’s Transformation: Cheat Days and Permanent Weight Loss

Jan 22, 2018 | 2 comments

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Show Notes

Scott and client JP talk about how he lost 100 lbs. permanently, what life is like now that he has a sculpted physique and enjoying the Cycle Diet. JP takes questions from the listening audience.


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Achieving a Successful Physique Transformation


  • JP—6’3”, 260 lbs.—began his weight loss and physique transformation in 2014 when he joined Scott as a client. He now weighs in the high 160s.
  • JP seldom weighs himself; he uses the mirror and how his clothes fit as feedback. He’s kept the weight off for years.
  • Transformation should never be about scale weight, but where you function best metabolically and health-wise.
  • Scott carefully navigated JP through the weight loss to avoid damaging his metabolism. Previously very-overweight people tend to regain their weight.
  • As a Fireman, JP prepared his “Cycle Diet” meals in advance and kept them at work, where his co-workers weren’t exactly healthy eaters.
  • He used the Cycle Diet to lose the weight and adopted it permanently as his eating strategy. He loves cheat days when he can “eat like a kid” but also enjoys the healthy whole foods and portion sizes of the regular non-cheat days.
  • Scott: “JP was very coachable”, willing to do what it took to lose and keep off the weight. JP credits his discipline and willingness to sacrifice as key to making his physique transformation possible.
  • Weight loss came first; pysique development followed. Scott assigned JP a resistance training routine that helped propel his physique transformation.
  • JP particularly likes Scott’s Hardgainer Solution (HGS).




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