Episode 90. Zen and New Year’s Resolutions (Part 2)

Jan 15, 2018 | 0 comments

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Show Notes

In this segment Scott offers advice on how to successfully achieve weight loss and fitness goals through a Zen mindset.

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“Don’t have resolutions; just be resolute”


  • Women struggle more with fitness-related issues than men do because of judgment, self-esteem or validation.
  • To try to prove one’s self worth is to lose it. Self esteem is lived not strived for. According to the Zen approach, wanting [self-esteem] produces suffering.
  • The fitness industry tries to make fitness complicated, and it’s not. The Law of Reverse Effect (explained in part 1) validates this fact. “The truth is simple; and simplicity is the truth”.
  • Consumers “honeymoon” on vogue fitness trends, moving from program to program when success eludes them.
  • In ownership of behavior, “blame” never enters the picture. Remember this: Blame = “Be Lame.”
  • Success depends on habits. It takes a habit to change a habit. As Scott quotes: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”
  • It’s Important to cognitively reframe. Ask yourself, “What would my better self think or do right now?” This begins the process of cognitive reframing. Choose to be your better self.
  • Turning work into play [makes goals more attainable]. To explain this positive Sawyer Effect, Scott uses the example of Arnold describing the pump as having an orgasm in the documentary “Pumping Iron”.
  • The achiever’s mind isn’t full of clutter. Giving oneself too many options leads to poor decision-making as a result of its contradictory nature. “A clutter-free mind leads to clutter-free actions and behavior.”
  • Seeds of discouragement can never take root in a grateful heart. Gratefulness lays the groundwork for achievement.
  • Fear is a terrible motivator when you’re afraid to not have a specific goal. The non-goal “goal” of Zen is not having an specific goal. You just make a decision to “do” something.
  • You don’t “get” inspiration; you inject it into the process.
  • The Busy Woman’s Tighten and Tone at Home program (just released) is a great place to start making a physique transformation, and it’s doable in real life situations.




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