Episode 89. Zen and New Year’s Resolutions (Part 1)

Jan 8, 2018 | 0 comments

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Show Notes

This is a new year…or is it? Are New Year’s Resolutions consistent with a “Zen” mindset? Coach Scott Abel discusses why they’re not.

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Why Zen and New Year’s Resolutions would be a contradiction


  • If you are beginning each year with pretty much the same weight loss goals or physique transformation goals and the same self-image issues, then your physical/workout process is likely not the issue. The issue is one of thinking strategy which, as Scott has stated on many occasions, are often “stinking tragedies”.
  • “What is gained and what is lost?” if after a time all thoughts go back to negative self-image issues, and the circle begins again.
  • Be conscious of your choices. Don’t forget that habits are born from choices. Also, be responsible for your actions: own your behavior. Habits mature, and are strengthened in actions.
  • “Want” is at the root of all suffering. Your New Year’s resolutions are almost always reflective of “want – don’t want”, and so, If you’re always wanting, you will always be unhappy.
  • Try to catch yourself in “I want – don’t want” thinking. For example: Do you really long for the goal of being “not fat”, or rather to how you’ll feel if you aren’t?
  • The Law of Reversed Effect states that the harder the effort to succeed, the more likely is the inevitable failure.
  • Mental and emotional fitness are important to attain sustainable physical fitness. Only a passion for the process eliminates want-suffering feedback loops. Love of the process makes success more attainable.
  • The Sawyer Effect: Mindset that turns play into work and vice versa. Make goals a playful challenge and not an obligation.
  • Always Remember Scott’s famous quote: Quality of Mindset determines Quality of Achievement.





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