Episode 83. Ange’s Remarkable Transformation Success Story

Nov 20, 2017 | 2 comments

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Show Notes

A real-life story of weight loss and total physique transformation in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

Sometimes, real people’s stories of weight loss, physique transformation, and success hit home harder than the latest “research.” Ange’s story is one of those.

Ange’s fitness journey started around 2008, with realistic expectations. She wasn’t planning to compete in physique someday, she just wanted to look feminine and wear pretty clothes.

Her transformation was progressing well until 2012 when she was rear-ended by a speeding car. She sustained skeletal and internal injuries that required multiple surgical procedures, dental braces, and support belts. Among the symptoms were blurred vision, tinnitus, vertigo, vomiting, and shuffling gait.

One internal injury went undetected until a year later, and required additional major surgery. Weight fluctuated wildly during her long recovery. She couldn’t train. Routine daily functions became difficult and painful.

After four years of medical intervention and recovery, she was finally able to focus again on her fitness journey, but had to find a way to work around the lasting effects from her injuries. Fast-forward to ~2016, she was asked by a modeling agency to pose for photos.

Ange used the inside-out approach, meaning that she didn’t count calories, watch macros, or use wrist-worn fitness devices. Scott refers these methods as part of “quantification”.


Key lessons from Ange’s story

  • Begin your own transformation with acceptance and a reasonable goal.
  • Don’t make surmountable obstacles insurmountable.
  • Changed mindset and realistic assessment must occur before physique transformation can occur and last.
  • Think “goals and decisions”, not “questions and problems”.
  • Be your own champion.