Episode 74. Recent Research on Interval Cardio and Fat Loss

Sep 18, 2017 | 0 comments

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Show Notes

Scott discusses research on using interval training and cardio for fat loss, and what the research actually shows, according to a new article in Vice discussing several studies and meta analyses.


Recent Research on Interval Cardio and Fat Loss


Quote from the article, summarizing the research:

High-intensity interval cardio doesn’t burn any more fat than traditional cardio, according to new research in Obesity Reviews. That’s what scientists determined after they analyzed 31 studies on the topic and found the two methods resulted in the same fat loss.

[…]The scientists compared three different methods: steady state cardio, done for 20 to 60 minutes at about 65 percent of maximum effort; high-intensity interval training, cardio in one-to-four-minute spurts at about 80 percent of max effort; and sprint intervals, done in 8-to-30-second bursts at an all-out effort. When the scientists matched the methods for how much energy each burned—for example, a 30-minute, slower bike ride that burned 500 calories compared to 15 minutes of bike intervals that also burned 500 calories—they discovered that participants lost equivalent amounts of fat.

Scott adds in how own experiences and nuances for fat loss training and fat loss cardio.