Episode 49. Mathew Park, the Peak Mindset and the Inner Game

Mar 27, 2017 | 0 comments

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Show Notes

We had Mathew Park of the Peak Mindset podcast on to talk about what a “peak mindset” really is, and how mastering your inner game can help you with the outer game stuff as well. Mathew is a motivational fitness speaker, a performance business coach, and a WBNF pro natural bodybuilder. He is the founder of INBF Canada and Vice President of RE7, a caffeine-free, all-natural sports drink. Mathew helps trainers and folks in the fitness industry master their inner game, their focus, and their long-term goals.

Mathew Park’s story

  • As Mathew tells it, he was a farm boy from the middle of nowhere in Alberta, Canada.
  • Mathew got started in bodybuilding way back when he was only 12, and did his first show when he was 16 (he got last place!)
  • You can see Mathew’s original old-school training set up here:

  • A little more here.
  • Mathew’s moved on from INBF and RE7 to coaching other trainers to help them with their business and life.
  • The discussion turned to how mindset is a gaping whole in the fitness industry: trainers and often the marketing will pay lip-service to it, but often that’s really all it is.
  • Scott was also reminded of Rocky IV’s training sequence:

Inner Game and Outer Game

  • Mike and Scott were both curious about the connection between Mathew’s coaching, and how it ties into, say, the business model of one of his clients.
  • The first thing Mathew focuses on is self-image, because it’ll affect business decisions like Why am I even in the fitness industry? What am I hoping to do with my career? and that sort of thing.
  • He’ll also help his clients who are trying to take their business to the next level: Okay, what’s your plan? What’s your one-year goal, what’s your five-year goal, and how are you going to design a strategy to get you there?
  • A lot of trainers have no business goals, and end up doing four or five different things at the same time, when really they need to figure out a) what their goals are, first of all, and then b) what are the things they’re doing that are actually producing results — i.e., use the 80/20 rules and figure out what are the 20% of activities that are producing 80% of the results.
  • Mike and Scott had a bit of a debate about what how you define the industry someone is in. Scott always says a coach isn’t in the fitness industry, they’re in the services industry. Mike pointed out that the “fitness” element can stay constant even as someone moves from services (like coaching) to parts of a business that are not technically service-oriented (e.g., physical products related to fitness).
  • Both Scott and Matt emphasized that, if you’re trying to succeed as a coach or trainer, you need to stop thinking about “me” (I won this show, I have such-and-such a certification, etc.) and start thinking about we — what can your coaching do for the client?
  • Mike pointed out that this shift is the essence of good marketing. Marketing isn’t taking a product and saying, “Okay, now do the marketing thing with it so people think it’s really good!” Marketing is… about the market itself. What are their needs? What’s their story?
  • Mathew pointed out that our culture conditions us to think it’s all about you, the individual, rah rah rah, but that’ll only get you so far.

Mathew’s Five Pillars of Your Inner State

  1. Your Body’s Physiology
  2. Your Focus
  3. Your Language
  4. Your Intensity
  5. Your Vibrations or Frequency
  • Mike asked about #5, and Mathew said they were about your KPIs (key performance indicators) and where you’re at.
  • Mathew is heavily into morning routines, and he’ll make specific suggestions to clients for their own routines.
  • Speaking of physiology and training, Scott pointed out that there is a ceiling to the number of clients you can train, as is always the case when your income is tied to your time.
  • There was a discussion of goals, plans, and processes, and some debate about “believing in” yourself and your goals. Scott said there’s a difference between “belief” and capital-letters, bold and underlined, BELIEF.

One Thing You Can Do Right Now

  • Mathew suggested flat out writing out where you want to be one year from now. Paint a picture of your life, in all areas of your life. Think about it, and write it down. Think about it, then act on it.

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