Episode 19. Ten Questions to Determine If You Have Food Issues (And How They Manifest For You)

Aug 22, 2016 | Episodes | 0 comments

Show Notes

Scott and Mike go through 10 (plus a few) questions that will help you understand, first, if you have food issues, and second, what the nature of the issue is for you, or how it manifests for you. This is what Scott calls awareness training. It’s about digging deep into your own cravings, beliefs, thoughts, and so on.

The questions come from a questionnaire that was originally in Scott’s book, Beyond Metabolism. However, the complete questionnaire can also be downloaded from:


The Ten Food Issues Questions:

(Note that each question in the questionnaire was also accompanied by an “intensity scale.” This is just to remind you to think about which questions resonate more or less with you, and help you note which areas should be your focus.

1. Are your waking thoughts consumed or dominated by issues that deal with how you eat, why you eat, resisting the urge to eat, or equating any of the above to how you feel about yourself? – and note the intensity scale as well

2. Is food or diet never far from your conscious mind?

3. Are you easily distracted or even upset by having indulgent food (goodies) in your presence?

4. Do you have an emotional conception of right and wrong foods? (Note that in the full questionnaire this is a two-part question.)

5. Do you ever participate in post-indulgent guilt practices like ‘guilt-cardio’ the day after an indulgence, or cutting carbs and restricting food the day after an indulgence?

6. Address honestly how you respond to a food cue. If your favourite food is put in front of you, do you find it hard to resist no matter if you are not even hungry? Does such a scenario create an inner struggle with you?

7. Do you wake up each day and start a battle of ‘food is my enemy?

8. Do you stick to a diet for a few days then always blow it?

9. Do you feel remorse, shame or guilt after a diet sabotage? If so, rate that emotional state on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest?

10 A. If someone says something hurtful to you, do you often react by thinking about or taking part in a food indulgence?

10 B. Similarly, if you have a bad day do you find yourself reacting to this by thinking about or taking part in a food indulgence?

Final Conclusion Question:

Do you find yourself tired or even exhausted over your inner emotional reactions to your thoughts and feelings about food/diet/weight? In other words do the related feelings of fear, guilt, anger, shame, exhaust you?

Resources Mentioned

Scott’s Book, Beyond Metabolism.

Scott’s Questionnaire.