Episode 160. Scott Strikes Back (Now, It’s My Turn)

Oct 14, 2019 | 0 comments

Show Notes

Social media is notorious for personal, “ad hominem” attacks. Scott asks for first impressions of pictures of himself and clients, before and after adopting a plant-based diet.


Before and After: which looks healthier?

Muscle and Health

  • The bodybuilding subculture considers anything less than jacked as unhealthy looking.
  • The vegan diet isn’t strongly associated with muscularity. Scott doubts that he would have been called weak and frail if his vegan diet weren’t public.
  • The person who trolled Scott online hasn’t seen Scott in person in 25 years, from his bodybuilding days.
  • People who’ve seen photos from his bodybuilding career, who didn’t know him then, routinely tell Scott he looks better today.
  • Scott’s about the same size and body composition as an NFL player.
  • Health measures aren’t always visible. Lab results reveal what’s going on inside.
  • Scott gives details of his comprehensive physical exam in Episode 125 of The Smarter Sculpted Physique.

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