Episode 156. Six Weight Loss Approaches to Avoid, and How

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Show Notes

Scott outlines six approaches that consistently lead to weight loss failure, offers alternatives that work, and answers questions from his live audience.


A Goal, or a Wish?

  • Achieving a goal requires following a process.
  • Goals and deadlines to meet them aren’t for everyone.
  • Let go of the pressure to perform.


Approaches destined to fail:


Numbers goals
  • Starting a body transformation goal with numbers in mind
  • Examples of numbers-related goals: weight, dress size.
  • No numbers goal tells you what’s going on inside the body.
  • The scale can’t tell you if the weight gain or loss is from fat, muscle, or water.



Deadline goals: high school reunions, weddings, beach vacations
  • Imposes unnecessary pressure to achieve within an arbitrary time frame.
  • Doesn’t consider what happens once the deadline has been passed, whether the goal is attained or not.

“Deadlines are dead ends.”



  • The absolute mindset: Lose weight or die trying.
  • Ask:
       -“Then what?”
       -Is the diet sustainable?
       -What happens if you achieve the goal?
       -Or, what happens if you don’t?



Expecting an obstacle-free path
  • Life gets in the way.
  • Real people with everyday lives sometimes compare themselves to others who make their living by looking good, with hours to spend in the gym.
  • Don’t let setbacks set you back.



Belief that success follows a linear process
  • Achieving a goal is more like walking through a maze.
  • Be realistic about how the process will actually progress.
  • Commit to the process and resolve to enjoy the process itself.
  • Aim for habit goals. Establishing a good habits should be the goal.
  • What three or four “habit” goals can you create and aim for that will lead to success.
  • One good example: Early to bed and early to rise.
  • A good habit: automatic, non-draining behavior, like brushing your teeth.
  • Replace a current destructive habit with a new productive habit.



Believing in the outliers
  • Beware the exceptions.
  • Exceptions are held out by fitness and supplement industry to be the rule.


From the Audience

  • “People who obsess over numbers drain their emotional battery and it frequently negatively impacts their personal relationships.”
  • “I can’t stand it when people ask how long it took me…doesn’t matter how long it takes.”
  • “Last week I weighed the same as the week before but I lost two inches on my waist. The scale lies sometime.”
  • “The best thing I ever did was throw out my scale.”
  • “How I feel is the best judge for me.”
  • “Invariably the scale becomes a mood ir-regulator than just a tool.”
  • “How does one properly get off the keto diet?”


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