Episode 152. Krista Scott-Dixon – The Professional Coach and the Impact of Women in Fitness

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Show Notes

Krista Scott-Dixon, PhD., fitness and nutrition coach and author, has two decades of experience in adult education and curriculum design. Krista (“KSD” for short) is the intellectual powerhouse behind Precision Nutrition’s coaching program development, and earned her PhD in Women’s Studies from York University in 2002.

Krista views health and fitness as path to the larger goal of changing people’s lives. She has authored several books and dozens of academic publications, and inspires the loyal readers of her groundbreaking women’s weight training website, Stumptuous.com

Krista has competed in martial arts and stays active by training in boxing, judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, cycling, running, rock climbing, and weight training.


“Trust the simplicity.”  – KSD

  • Cursive Knowledge: A coach can forget what she or he knows when communicating with clients.
  • The coach faces the same things as clients: busy schedules, set-backs, and so forth. Many coaches struggle with their own health and fitness. The same approaches a coach uses for themselves will work for their clients.
  • Clients expect that a workout or diet program be complicated. In reality, the tools in the coach’s toolbox are extremely simple.
  • There are no secrets to the human condition.

Precision Nutrition is writing its fourth version of its coaching certification to reflect the way they coach today.


  • Krista learned the importance of basics from her martial arts training. Judo blackbelts have exceptional control of the fundamentals.
  • Boring [fundamentals] is the stuff of success.
  • Krista screens clients by people who are interested in working on their “inner game.”


  • Basic questions for the prospective client
    • Will you reply promptly? Will you answer a few questions for me?
    • Have fitness professionals—coaches—set the example and been the advocates for the behaviors they teach?
    • As a consumer, how do we know we’ve identified an expert when we think we’ve found one?
    • To the client, “You need to be the boss of you.” I’m not your mother.
  • Krista wants to coach other coaches how to coach.
  • When a person’s life is being ruined by the thing they’re pursuing it can’t be [accurately] called high achievement.
  • Using the wrong tool to reach a destination makes it dissatisfying and pushes someone into greater dysfunction, as in the diet deprivation that goes into bodybuilding competition.
  • The more complicated the coach makes it, the more it leads the client to confusion.
  • A coach who allows themselves to be vulnerable and authentic can connect better with their clients.
  • A supportive coach can also be a coach who challenges the client to achieve.
  • We achieve our best when in a state of ease and flow.


  • Women’s sports is a fascinating lens through which broader societal issues can be viewed.
  • Women’s sports have opened up different ways to play certain sports just due to the body types and differences.

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