Episode 151. Three Diet Secrets for Long-Term Sustainable Progress

Jul 29, 2019 | 0 comments

Show Notes

Three diet constants continue to appear among Scott’s clients who’ve transformed their physiques, sustain those results, and even continue to improve.


General fare

  • Diet and fitness trends have come and gone, even more so today, fueled by sophisticated marketing techniques.
  • A few principles have remained constant among those who are able to achieve and maintain enviable physiques.
  • If carbs make a person fat, Scott [and his clients] would be fat.
  • “Carbs” is a widely misunderstood term today.
  • The term “vegan” seems to elicit a stronger reaction than the term “plant based”.
  • The food industry doesn’t seem to [genuinely] care about health.


Secret #1: A Carb*-based diet

  • Scott’s been able to maintain a lean physique eating diet based mostly of carbohydrates.
  • This was true even when he was still eating animal proteins, when he was competing, and afterwards.
  • Hype breeds confusion. Example: fruits make you fat.
  • Scott won bodybuilding contests eating mostly carbs. For one contest, he lost 54 pounds in 12 weeks while eating this way.
  • Successful bodybuilders from the past ate lots of rice. Bodybuilder Jean Paul Guillaume was renown for eating chicken and rice five meals a day.

*NOTE: Carbohydrates does not mean foods from refined flours, although those foods are high in carbohydrate. Today, some do not consider vegetables to be carbs, though they are accurately classified as carbs.


Secret #2: Regular, planned re-feeds

  • “Cheat” days, sometimes epic, were a constant through Scott’s bodybuilding years, and since.
  • Two weeks prior to winning the Great Lakes Championship, he ate a 2-liter container of Winter White Baskin Robbins ice cream.
  • Re-feeds can take any form you like. Anything goes, as long as they’re well-planned and needed.
  • Well-known competition eaters aren’t overweight. They prepare for contests by using the same principles found in The Cycle Diet Course.

An optimized metabolism is a forgiving metabolism.


Secret #3: Biofeedback – Listen to your body not a device

  • Reading biofeedback allows a training or diet program to be tweaked.
  • Scott’s shares success stories from his clients Byron, Aaron, Melissa, JP, Ollie and Ange who transformed their physiques by eating a diet of primarily carbs (i.e., unprocessed plant foods).
  • External measures like weight scales or apps aren’t helpful in gauging progress. The mirror, hunger level, and how workouts feel are better indicators.
  • Tolerable hunger is the sweet spot in biofeedback to regulate eating.
  • Emphasis on biofeedback may be Scott’s biggest contribution to the fitness industry.


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