Episode 147. A Conversation with the Happy Healthy Vegan

Jul 1, 2019 | 0 comments

Show Notes

Ryan Lum, the Happy Healthy Vegan, joins Scott for a friendly chat about fitness, diet, and the challenges of honest debate in today’s online world.


“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” – Mark Twain

  • Scott originally came across the Happy Healthy Vegan—when Ryan was featured on the TV show The Doctors.
  • Ryan loves fitness, and recently achieved his long-time goal of dunking a basketball.
  • He had been a runner, and learned how to structure his training to achieve a goal.
  • He applied what he learned toward his new goal of dunking. He’d played basketball when he was younger. He quit during his forties and picked basketball up again as he entered his fifties. Ryan was never a gifted leaper but can now dunk.

Seeking the truth, or defending a bias?

  • Ryan says that people are more open-minded about a vegan diet now. Less so online. He rarely has haters approach him in person.
  • Trying to convince someone of an idea in the era of social media is a losing proposition.
  • Selling supplements is an indicator that a diet creator has an agenda.
  • When someone is under the power of a belief, they [can] become closed minded.
  • “Recent former vegans” often abandoned the diet because they went to extremes not central to the diet. Ryan’s never seen anyone quit veganism who approached it sensibly.
  • Veganism attracts people who seek restrictive diets. This is sometimes seen in people with body dysmorphia.
  • Diet mentality should be inclusive, not exclusive. We are hard-wired to seek food, not avoid food.

Being vegan is easier than ever

  • Ryan’s primary goal for the Happy Healthy Vegan is to show how easy, fun and normal being vegan is.
  • Being vegan these days doesn’t mean you have to give up much.
  • There are vegan options for indulgence food, like ice cream and burgers, that taste great.


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