Episode 141. Gettin’ Real with JC Santana

Mar 4, 2019 | 0 comments

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Show Notes

Scott and JC discuss how an expert coach can adjust and succeed–without selling out–in today’s oft-unfair world of social media marketing.

  • JC begins by sharing some perspective on the magnitude of people’s problems with a comparison of how South Florida and Puerto Rico were affected by a recent hurricane. Somebody always has it better and somebody always have it worse.
  • There are two types of being alone: alone physically, and alone as in “no one loves me.”
  • Life teaches lessons, sometimes early in life, sometimes later.
  • Great coaches aren’t often good business people.
  • Scott shares a personal story of how his material was blatantly plagiarized and exploited.
  • The wannabe expert complicates what’s simple and simplifies what’s complicated.
  • Complaining about the unfairness of social media marketing doesn’t solve the expert coach’s dilemma.
  • Not competing with the online pseudo-expert isn’t an option. They’re in the market. Compete or die.
  • JC has recruited his son to create and run his online marketing, because his son has more expertise in the digital environment.

“You cannot have old packaging.” – JC Santana

  • Is there a devaluation of real expertise? Yes.
    How does the “expert” deal with this: introductory packages followed by guiding those who take advantage of the introductory offer.
  • A product that sold for $199 in the ‘90s sells for $19 today. Because of the number of options available on the internet, the price-per-unit of product has decreased.
  • Just because a product is popular doesn’t mean it works.

“Give them what they’ll “bite,” then educate them backwards.”

  • What is isn’t necessarily what should be.
  • Instinctive training that worked [for the bodybuilding pioneers] isn’t reflected in the research.
  • JC compares engineering feats of today with the pyramids.
  • Training should be adopted for different types of clients. An older client can’t be expected to do the same routine as a professional athlete.


More about JC

  • JC Santana is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with distinction (CSCS,* D) and a Fellow (FNSCA) of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).
  • He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Exercise Science from Florida Atlantic University.
  • For eight years, he was the sport-specific conditioning editor for the NSCA Journal. He has served as NSCA’s vice president, chairman of the NSCA Coaches Conference, a member of the NSCA Conference Committee, and NSCA state director for Florida.
  • His IHP certification system has certified 10,000 trainers and-counting worldwide in over 15 countries, including more than 200 Olympic coaches in China and South America.
  • His Institute of Human Performance was voted among the Top Ten Gyms in the US.
  • JC’s authored 17 books and manuals and produced over 70 DVDs. He has published more than 300 articles, many in peer-reviewed journals such as the NSCA’s Strength and Conditioning Journal.

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