Episode 137. 17 Must-Have Principles for Physique Transformation

Feb 4, 2019 | 0 comments

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Show Notes

Scott opens up and shares his list of 17 foundational conditions and habits necessary for anyone who’s truly serious about transforming their physique.

Too many people major in minor details. Don’t focus on incidentals; principles deal with foundational topics. These following principles support a program but are not the program itself.


You must have…

  1. A penchant to work toward your goal with a work ethic greater than the one you have now.
  2. A will-do attitude, not a can-do attitude. Are you a doer?
  3. A sense of resilience over a sense of illusion. You’ll need to deal with challenge life throws at you.
  4. A desire for preparation.
  5. Simple mantras to recite to yourself. Example: Quitters never win and winners never quit. Find a short saying that grounds you.
  6. Ownership and responsibility for the process and the goal. Blame = B-Lame.
  7. A positive, productive, constructive attitude.
  8. Deeper dedication that extends beyond convenience. True dedication shows up when obstacles appear. Actual vs. fantasy dedication.
  9. A belief in yourself.
  10. A developed sense of pragmatism. Ignore gimmicks and claims of quick fixes. If it doesn’t feel like work, it won’t work.  Be real about what’s required to achieve your goal. If you expect a lot for yourself, expect a lot from yourself.
  11. Self-discipline as a foundation, applied daily.
  12. More humility than pride. Proverbs says pride goes before a fall. There will always be others who are better than you.
  13. A plan, including a contingency plan. Should be common sense, but common sense isn’t all that common.
  14. A healthy perspective on circumstances and on doing little things well. Doing little things well will help you do the big things right.
  15. Higher standards for the task at hand. Extraordinary achievements require extraordinary efforts.
  16. A healthy, mature approach to mistakes, including learning lessons from your mistakes.
  17. An “I want to earn it” approach, as opposed to “I want to have it”.

Go even deeper by checking Scott’s book How to Train for a Better Physique.


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