Episode 134. The Value of Mono-Meals

Jan 14, 2019 | 0 comments

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Show Notes

One food. All meals. Several days. The Coach outlines the benefits and guidelines of “mono-meals”:  a single food eaten as an entire meal for a few days as a healthy, convenience, gimmick-free weight-control method.


Diet doesn’t need to be complicated. This is a simple approach.



  • Convenient
  • No number-crunching of calories or macros.
  • Simplifies life and approach to diet.
  • Great way to kickstart a weight loss program and begin an ongoing healthy diet strategy. Not a gimmick.
  • Terrific for people who are not in control of their own schedules, like business travelers.
  • Can jumpstart a weight-loss program.

Two reasons mono-meals work well

1) Aid digestion.

2) Re-connects you to your biofeedback: hunger-satiety feedback loops.  Forces eating only when hungry.




  • Limit meals to one [healthy] food and one food only for a few days (nine days up to as long as three weeks.)
  • Select whole foods that are unprocessed and nutrient-dense. Good choices would be:
    • Brown rice.
    • Potatoes or sweet potatoes.
    • Roasted, unsalted nuts.
    • Soft fruits like bananas. During a recent business trip, Scott ate seven to nine bananas for lunch each day.
  • Broccoli, carrots, or other fibrous veggies would be poor choices for mono-meals because they’re not as energy-dense as the others listed.
  • Choose something that’s simple to prepare and simple to consume.
  • Eat until you’re satisfied.


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