Episode 133. The Self-Sabotaging Mindset

Dec 17, 2018 | 0 comments

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Show Notes


Why and how can some people achieve then maintain physique transformation when others can’t? Scott covers characteristics of two opposite mindsets: those doomed to fail and those destined to achieve.


This subject is addressed in Scott’s book The Mindset of Achievement”, which can be found for free on his website, scottabelfitness.com.




Quality of mindset determines quality of behavior.


  • Trying to change behaviors doesn’t address the underlying mindset.


People who struggle with weight loss exhibit the following characteristics:


  • Make excuses for every scenario and condition.
  • Play the blame game. Never your fault.
  • Focus on too much on food and eating.
  • Focus on all the things you can’t have and all the foods you’re trying to deny (instead of focusing what you’re trying to include.)
  • Focus on weight instead of feeling better.
  • Become skeptical of your own ability to change.
  • Set unrealistic goals.
  • Don’t change mindset about significance of food and its proper relevance.
  • Play the “poor-me” game.
  • Are overly judgmental. See the Anti-Diet Approach.
  • The judgmental mindset often gives birth to the perfectionist mindset.
  • Unrealistic expectations and assumptions. Plateaus happen. Progress isn’t linear.
  • Focus on external circumstances instead of internal indicators of character.


Those successful at sustained physique transformation do these things:


  • Develop lifestyles that support weight maintenance.
  • Accept that weight maintenance and physique transformation is your responsibility.
  • Stop following trends and see through them.
    Stop having the mindset of sheep and adopt the mindset of shepherd.
  • Remind yourself that physique maintenance is health maintenance for life.
  • Embrace this as “what is” and not “what you want it to be”.
  • Focus on the little accomplishments, not on the sacrifices involved.
  • Use long-term imagery and visualization to counter impulses to cheat.
  • Transition from making efforts at behavior modification and more about character.
  • You notice, observe and embrace even the smallest personal victories.
  • Embrace transformation as a choice, not something forced upon you.
  • Understand the importance of positive and nurturing self-talk.
  • Avoid being judgmental. Learn from mistakes.


Nothing can taste as good as lean feels.


A few tips for a mindset of achievement:


  • Be habit-based and process-focused.
  • Until you change your mind, you’ll never change your habits.
  • Taking care of your physique should be like brushing your teeth.
  • Plant seeds of faith, not seeds of doubt.
  • Remember: The process is the goal and the goal is the process.


When you change the way you look at things, the way you look at things will change.




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