Episode 128. Magic Tricks and Photo Shoots

Nov 12, 2018 | 0 comments

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Show Notes

Scott shares personal stories from his bodybuilding past to illustrate techniques the fitness and supplement industries use to create the illusion that their products work.


The Story Behind the Story

  • To prep for one photo shoot in Muscle Mag, Scott enhanced his vascularity by taking a sauna and chewing niacin a few minutes beforehand.
    • Warm air and niacin improve superficial vascularity; makes vessels disappear beneath the skin.
    • Niacin can make the skin red and itchy.
  • Techniques like this are used in before and after photos to promote supplements.
  • Supplement companies began paying Scott to transform models with 12-week programs to get them photoshoot ready with training and diet. They would then credit the bodybuilders’ appearances to the supplements.
  • Scott never took any of the supplements that his photos were used to promote.
  • White backgrounds are used in photo shoots to accentuate the model’s ripped appearance.
  • Scott and Andy would have Cycle Diet cheat days shortly before photo shoots and showed up super-lean.
  • The Cycle Diet kept Scott and Andy photoshoot ready year-round.
  • Thinking a supplement will create a great physique instead of diet and hard work is like thinking you can be a rock star without learning how to play guitar.
  • If [a supplement] sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


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