Episode 121. How to Build a Great Physique, Part 2

Sep 24, 2018 | 0 comments

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Show Notes

Surf’s up!! Scott applies a surfing analogy to explain program design and mastery for muscle hypertrophy and physique development.


Surf the curve, then ride the wave

  • Optimum muscle development benefits come once a workout program is mastered, but you first must “paddle out into the water.”
  • “Surfing the [reps] curve” requires first getting into a program for a while.
  • Once “in the water”, the trainee can then “surf the curve” of rep ranges, based on the program goal.
  • The physique athlete shouldn’t be concerned about their “weights going up.”
  • Muscle hypertrophy (bodybuilding) programs and rep ranges aren’t the same as for powerlifting or strength.
  • No single rep range is best all by itself.

Rep ranges
6-8…8-10…8-12…12-15…15-20, and 20


  • The purpose of the program influences the rep range.
  • Program mastery becomes possible after a few weeks of following it.
    E.g, Scott followed Hardgainer Solution for two years.
  • It takes time to get familiar with a program before mastering it becomes possible.
  • Using the surfer analogy, “riding the wave” refers to the mastery phase. Mastery is when most adoptive benefits become evident.
  • Don’t abandon a program too early and move on to another before you reach the mastery phase.
  • Programs operate over three realms of time: immediate, residual and cumulative:
    Immediate refers to today’s workout,
    residual refers to recovery and short term, and
    cumulative refers to the overall, longer time frame of the program.
  • Think in terms of whole workout programs instead of individual workouts.
  • Personal trainers especially should check out Scott’s Program Design Masterclass.


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