Episode 116. Let’s Get Nuts!

Aug 6, 2018 | 0 comments

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Show Notes

We go nuts for nuts in this episode, discussing how nuts deliver a nutritional punch and contribute to metabolism in a way that few other foods do. Scott shares scientific research about their physique, health and disease prevention benefits.


Eat Nuts Freely!

  • Calorie counting and macro tracking go out the window when discussing nuts as a nutritional source.
  • Nuts increase fat-burning metabolism. They’ve been associated with weight loss in some studies.
  • Nuts are energy-dense but due to their metabolic benefits, do not contribute to adipose tissue.
  • In nearly two dozen clinical trials researching body weight, not one study showed that regular consumption of nuts led to weight gain.
  • One study showed nuts improved risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome.
  • Walnuts have been shown to burn fat.
    (See Tapsell L, et al.)
  • The far-reaching positive effects of a plant-based diet that includes walnuts may be the most critical message for the public.
  • The body uses calories differently. The way the body uses calories, not just the amount consumed, determines contribution to weight gain.
  • Nuts reduce cardiovascular risk among people who already have Type 2 diabetes.
    (See Li TY, et al.)
  • People who eat nuts tend to live longer.
  • Eating a plant-based diet is economical…at least as cheap as fast food, yet much healthier.
  • Overall dietary and physical activity pattern is critical to reduce chronic disease risk.
  • Eating plant-based allows for larger portions over time.
  • Eat nuts freely!
    Eat when you’re hungry and until you’re full…no portion control, calorie counting or carb counting.


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