Episode 115. A Journey Into Food Freedom

Jul 30, 2018 | 0 comments

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Show Notes

This episode explores how our perceptions shape reality. Scott illustrates how personal and cultural expectations shape the standard of perfection and influence our own body images.


We nurture what we love and we love what we nurture

  • People perceive what they see based on their perspectives. Scott illustrates this by using audience participation, showing a series of pictures and asking the viewers what they see.
  • Personal perceptions apply to how we view food and diet.
    We see what we want to see.
  • If a person is disgusted by their own body, they will often sabotage best efforts at weight loss.
    We disrespect what we find disrespectful.
  • Scott asks: Are you working from a place of self-acceptance or self-rejection?
  • The “thin cage” is as much a prison as the “fat cage.” If a person’s lost a lot of weight but still worries about calorie counting, macros, etc., they’ve traded life in one cage for another.
  • Physique transformation success Ange Golding achieved permanent weight loss by setting a realistic, achievable goal: to look feminine and be able to wear pretty clothes. She achieved her goal and now lives in food freedom.
  • Cultural imprints are powerful and may not reflect realistic body image expectations.
  • Ideals of beauty change. Beauty contest winners from the mid-60s were curvier and fuller-figured than ideals who followed.
  • Twiggy—with her “streamlined androgynous appeal”—replaced Marilyn Monroe as an ideal body shape. The ideal then went further. The new term became “anorexic heroin chic.”
  • Are these ideals realistic and achievable, or unrealistic and unhealthy?
  • Women today often want a six-pack, where that would have been unheard of years ago.
  • The beauty industry markets products by establishing impossible standards and making consumers feel inadequate. Food and eating issues are often the result.
  • Body image and food issues go together.
  • Change is a process, not an event. Scott’s new Food Freedom course provides helpful guidance for dealing with body image.


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