Episode 110. How to Lose More than 70 lbs.!

Jun 25, 2018 | 0 comments

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Show Notes

Scott’s clients JP and Byron—who have lost a combined 170 lbs.—join the show, talking about how they’ve used The Cycle Diet, intelligent workout routines and internal discipline to transform their physiques.


Real people, Real lives, Unreal results!

  • Scott starts the show by sharing a testimonial from a client who reports improved lab results after following a Scott Abel Fitness custom vegan diet plan.
  • Making a firm commitment is the first step toward transformation.
  • Client Byron has lost nearly 75 lbs. since he began working with Scott January 1st.
  • Client JP lost 100 lbs. and has kept it off for four years while his physique continues to improve.
  • People continue to be amazed that Scott’s clients can transform their physiques without counting calories or macros, etc.
  • The ability to read one’s own biofeedback, not external cues, is what differentiates a sustainable diet strategy from an unsustainable one.
  • Gauging one’s own fullness following a meal (biofeedback) guides portion sizes for subsequent meals.
  • Good coaching isn’t giving someone a hand-out, it’s giving them a hand up.
  • A skilled coach can read cues from a client to determine if they will be a weight loss “tourist” or “permanent resident.”
  • A productive coach-client relationship demands the client be vulnerable and open to feedback.
  • Before-and-after coaching is easy. Coaching for long-term transformation requires the coach to critique the client honestly, and the client must be willing to receive the feedback.
  • The guys discuss refeeds and how to prepare for the first refeed after starting the Cycle Diet. Enjoying food is a good thing; it shouldn’t be feared.
  • Preparation is key to maintaining a diet plan. For instance, Byron prepared meals in advance for a camping trip.
  • After four successful years on the Cycle Diet, JP has transitioned to completely whole food plant-based. He recently dropped all animal products from his diet.
  • Being [truly] informed differs from being imprinted with dogma. Research makes good decision-making easy.
  • Decision fatigue exhausts the ability to make good choices. A good diet strategy that is based on principles removes the need to make decisions about eating.
  • Being a balanced, strong, healthy individual requires a strong body, mind and spirit. If all three are strong, the whole person is strong.
  • Committing to diet won’t work. The commitment must be to something bigger.


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