Episode 103. Whole Food Plant-Based or Militant Veganism

Apr 23, 2018 | 0 comments

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Show Notes

Scott’s recent announcement about “Breaking Vegan” drew attention from some “militant” vegans, who insisted he must adopt other lifestyle changes in order to call himself vegan. Scott and Andy discuss the topic and take questions from the audience.


Eating Vegan…or “Veganism”?

  • After Scott’s webinar on “Breaking Vegan”, he began receiving messages from vegans, asking questions like what kind of laundry detergent or toothpaste he was using now that he was vegan, which got him thinking: is vegan a special club, or an organization with rules?
  • Vegan, as defined in the textbook Modern Nutrition in Health and Disease, is a description of diet or diet strategy, not a personal identity, an ideology, or belief system.
  • Militant is defined as “combative and aggressive in support of a political or social cause, and typically favoring extreme, violent, or confrontational methods.” This sums up the feedback he’s received.
  • People [seem to be] more concerned with labels than actual context; there is no “-ism” attached to the vegan diet.
  • Plant-based was not an accurate-enough definition. In the past (if a label is to be used), Scott was probably lacto-ovo vegetarian.
  • Scott, Andy and others, eat vegan under the umbrella of The Cycle Diet, which is all about inclusion, not exclusion. There’s no diet martyrdom in the Cycle Diet program.
  • So far, Scott and Andy’s cheat days haven’t included animal-based foods, but they’re not ruling those out. Those foods just haven’t appealed to them. They talk about a recent cheat day where they selected plant-based foods: veggie burger, veggie and dessert pizzas. Think in terms of “want to have”, not “can’t have.”
  • Scott’s received a number of requests to write vegan custom diets since he aired “Breaking Vegan.” In some cases, depending on the person’s history, he suggested not going completely vegan at the time.
  • Concern about protein intake inhibits some from adopting vegan diets, not knowing that they actually can contain plenty of protein.
  • “Plant protein foods contribute approximately 65% of the per capita supply of protein on a worldwide basis and approximately 32% in the North American region.” -The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Young and Pellet.
  • We get most of our micronutrients from four to five foods. Scott’s learned to look for these when grocery shopping.
  • No healthy diet mindset should be about what you can’t have…foods to never have again. Thinking in terms of restricted foods often leads to food and eating issues.

[For Reference]

Young, VR, Pellet, PR. “Plant protein in relation to human protein and amino acid nutrition.” Am J Clin Nutr. 1994 May;59(5 Suppl):1203S-1212S

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