Episode 102. Cycle Diet Success Stor(ies): John Paul Bryce (Part II)

Apr 16, 2018 | 0 comments

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Show Notes

Scott is joined again by super-trainer John Paul Bryce, who talks about the actual diet days of the cycle diet; how he eats on a day-to-day basis along with his meal preferences. JP maintains a lean, ripped physique year-round following a whole food, plant-based diet, and consumes as many as 20,000 calories on his re-feed days.


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Metalbolism must be fed, not starved

  • Scott begins the show with a rant about “MDD”, Masculinity Deficit Disorder, a term he coined to describe to the overly “macho” attitudes seen in gyms today. There’s no need to project a bad attitude and scowl at people just because they may not be as jacked up as you.
  • John Paul (JP) joins the webinar and begins describing his everyday meals. He eats a whole food, plant-based diet, which happens to have a vegan approach.
  • His meals include ingredients like oatmeal, chia seeds, quinoa, chick peas, black beans, lentils, avocado, spinach, potatoes, peas and corn. He removed animal protein from his diet, but never ate much meat to begin with prior to going vegan.
  • JP has always responded best to a high-carb diet; he tried keto and other fad diets, with no success. He said he felt obligated to try the various diets so he can advise his clients authoritatively. Cycle Diet works best and became his maintenance diet.
  • All JP’s clients eat high-carb diets. He says clients initially have a huge fear factor toward eating carbs.
  • As an ex-competitor on the bodybuilding world, JP observed that most things learned in the fitness world come through fear: fear of getting fat; fear of not making muscle gains; etc. Scott added that there’s a “sheeple” effect, where people follow vogue trends.
  • Scott recounts his own exit from the professional bodybuilding world and his concern over losing his professional identity. “You can’t straddle doorways.”  If you worry about losing something, you can’t open yourself up to new possibilities.
  • Not many personal trainers make a great income. JP’s goal was to educate people and success followed.
  • Scott and JP both note how vital listening to one’s own body is.
  • External measurement has gotten out of control; hence very few know how to read their own biofeedback. “Fitness Freedom” means listening to your body and not to external cues or formulas.
  • No diet strategy works quite like The Cycle Diet, which combines the discipline and sustainability of smaller, whole food meals and the enjoyment that comes with cheat days.
  • The Cycle Diet isn’t an excuse to have cheat days or to justify binge eating.

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