Episode 101. Cycle Diet Success Story: John Paul Bryce

Apr 9, 2018 | 0 comments

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Show Notes

Part 1 of a 2-part series. Scott is joined by Personal Trainer and Cycle Dieter John Paul Bryce, who maintains a ripped, muscular physique year-round, climbs mountains in his native Scotland for recreation, and devours a mountain of food on his cheat days.


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Enjoy food instead of fearing it

  • The Cycle Diet is all about when, why and how to use cheat days and cheat meals to optimize metabolism and stay lean year-round. It’s a lifestyle, not a diet per se that is begun and ended. It’s a sustainable, enjoyable way to eat.
  • Every day, we program our metabolisms by the foods we eat.
  • Your body is a smart/optimal machine, so ignoring negative bio-physiological feedback (biofeedback) isn’t a good thing. Example: “keto flu.”
  • John Paul (JP) is 5′-9”, about 170Lbs, lives in the Scottish Highlands where he runs a very successful Personal Training business, and “walks” the Munro-class mountains (3000’+) for recreation.
  • The Cycle Diet works for John Paul and fits well within his lifestyle.
  • He divides his refeed day over two days to accommodate his Saturday’s work schedule. He eats a big cheat meal on Friday nights, then extends his refeed day through Saturday late afternoons. He returns to the healthy whole foods Saturday nights.
  • Here’s what John Paul consumed on a recent cheat day:
    • Two large stuffed crust pizzas followed by a dozen doughnuts and four additional cakes with custard;
    • Eight large pancakes, 3 bananas, blueberries, maple syrup;
    • 500g ribeye steak, fries, macaroni, peas, cornflake ice cream sundae, two Argentinean pancakes with syrup and ice cream, and more mixed ice cream;
    • Small pizza and 200g box of chocolates.
  • On Sundays, he heads straight to the mountain. The Munro climbing also provides a means to clear his mind and put things in perspective.
  • Figuring out one’s own degree of tolerable hunger is important to the Cycle Diet.
  • There are different levels of compensation mode. Some are deep into supercomp mode, like JP and Andy; others like Scott are not quite as deep.
  • As a bodybuilder ex-competitor and prior to starting the Cycle Diet, JP tried all the fad diets: keto, carb cycling, IIFYM, low-carb, high-carb, and so on. All these have metabolic consequences.
  • Success on the Cycle Diet does require discipline. With discipline comes freedom. Being disciplined with an eating strategy allows freedom to splurge wisely.
  • John Paul eats a completely plant-based diet.
  • Research continues to support a whole-food, plant dominant diet as a way to stay healthy and reduce disease.

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